CtrlN Business

Specializing in planning & development that connects contents and commerce

The distribution changes its appearance in various forms with the times. Yesterday and today are changing again as much 24 hours. We can’t think offline and online separately, and it is meaningless to divide online and SNS.

When people who care about and like me are gathered, I already become one society and one content. Contents are growing into commerce through people who suit their tastes. CtrlN plans and develops products that link contents in such flow to open new target and new market.

D2C Business,
creating new value of life

CtrlN is concerned about consumers who haven’t received much attention from existing market, and focuses on their lifestyles to make products.

CtrlN is making every effort to create new value of life more rapidly and efficiently through direct communication with consumers.

Our customers are very special, so we try to provide them a new value by finding their concerns and hidden needs, creating D2C business model suitable for the untact era.


  • Simple & Wonderful!

    'Kids Well Care' Brand, TIOVIVO

    TIOVIVO means “merry-go-round” in Spanish. It presents children who can enjoy merry-go-round on their own a fun and healthy daily life like having a picnic in an amusement park.

  • Simple & Enjoy!

    Simple but delicious!
    Healthy habit that recovers my rhythm

    It presents daily life in harmony with balanced beauty and healthy.
    You can enjoy rhythmical daily life with RhythMine now!

  • Simple & Amazing!

    CREAMine is created by paying attention to unbalanced skin conditions of women who are in their menopause.

    We present simple skin care routine with a motif of cream for simple usage but determinate effect so that you can be beautiful as you are regardless of the stream of time. The most effective way to apply anti-aging cream, CREAMine Tension Fit Cream Mask shows its first appearance in the world.

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